Questions to ask before opting for Automatic Matching Option

February 29, 2008 at 12:56 pm Leave a comment

It is widely known that Google is coming up with a beta program: “Automatic Matching Option”, which expands your reach and spend the rest of your budget by allowing Google to find matches that go beyond broad or extended keywords. Can it be really useful for your campaign, ponder these questions before taking any decision.
It may be beneficial for the companies who are using PPC for branding initiatives and using low bids as they would not be required to painstakingly find relevant keywords – system would do everything for them .But implementing the system for lead generation could be nothing less than catastrophic and would result in increase in lead conversion cost and would bring irrelevant traffic. It is quite simple, keyword quality score depends upon landing page content, adgroup content and keyword history. For any keyword under “automatic matching option” – landing page content and ad content may not be relevant which will spike up the ad cost. Another thing which is not favorable for using the option is “control would lie with the google’ – so initially for few months you may get positive ROI but one can never be sure of continued positive returns.

Yet another thing which forces me to doubt the option is how relevant is “keyword matching tool” for your campaign. Obviously we don’t use all the keywords suggested by it. So if “automatic matching option tool” uses keywords just like “keyword matching option tool”. Will such keywords would be relevant to the campaign and can they give positive ROI?

Let me try to explain it further.
Just research the query string used by people coming to your site using broad keywords without using negative keywords, you would find lots of irrelevant traffic. We generally restrict the irrelevant traffic by using the negative keywords when they become obvious to us or when we find them through “keyword suggestion tool”, or by researching the query string. In short – we are able to catch and restrict unrelated keywords when we find them. Now if there is no system to find negative keywords in “automatic matching option tool” – we may not be sure of what kind of keywords google is using. And if they allow us to find and restrict negative keywords – wouldn’t it too cumbersome to control it – thus defeating the purpose.

I think google should not try to take all the control itself and instead should empower the companies by providing us tool which makes us avaialible all the relevant keywords so that we can take decisions consciously.”



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