Page laod time to affect fortunes of Web analytics companies

March 11, 2008 at 8:22 am Leave a comment

Online Auction space at google is getting hot and interesting. Now landing page load time will also affect google adwords quality score, earlier it was dependent on keyword relevancy to the ads , keyword’s historical clickthrough rate (CTR), quality of landing pages and account history and other relevancy factors.The move by google is definitely good from customer’s perspective as it will enhance the user experience and would also help the advertisers as people are more likely to visit the site which loads quickly. So now we have to ensure that besides all other things, our pages load fast. Find link to best practices to increase your load time at:

Though advertisers can definitely use best practices to improve the landing pages. But what to do with google analytics script or scripts from other analytics tool providers. They are just dragging the time it takes to load a page. We are in double whammy on the one hand – we need to use analytics tools to know our customer’s and on the other hand – analytics tools take so much time that it may jack up download speed and ultimately the adwords cost. So now for the first time advertisers who are not using any tool may get benefited as the load time for their pages would be less. I think problem is real and Google should at least discount the time taken by at least one analytics tool so that advertiser using just one analytics tool are not discriminated.

While site visitors and advertisers may benefit from the new rules, it has the potential of upsetting market dynamics of analytics companies. Some of the advertisers use multiple analytics tool – one paid and another free (google analytics) or may have their internal tools to measure some important aspects on the site. Now they would be forced to review the returns of using multiple analytics tools and would be forced to use only one tool. In all likelihood this move can benefit the google analytics tool – as it is hassle free, easy to install, faster than other analytics tools and, can easily integrates with adwords account – so may become the first tool of choice for new advertisers or advertisers interested in just one tool.

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