Wrong Question: Probably I should be asking – how many of us haven’t reviewed it.

April 30, 2008 at 4:39 pm Leave a comment

Purchasing new gizmo, white good – have you reviewed the product?
Wrong Question: Probably I should be asking – how many of us haven’t reviewed it.

People are increasingly spending more time online and it is quite natural for them to Google for products and services before finally buying it. In a recent candid discussion, CMO of my company (Quasar Media) asked 10 of us – has anybody bought a product without reviewing it online?
No prize for guessing – All of us have gone online and reviewed products before making any purchase.

Online discussion forums—commonly referred to as consumer generated media (CGM)—are increasingly being used by consumers to ratify or criticize products and brands. Because consumers use these online discussion forums to check out other consumers’ opinions and experiences—for pre- or post-shopping advice—they are shaping the perspectives of millions of consumers globally and taking back control from companies.

The question arises – why consumers are increasingly trusting CGM content rather than traditional advertising. The reason is no brainer – It is unfiltered and consumers trust it more than brand advertisement.

A recent study conducted by Forrester also corroborate that consumers trust recommendations from fellow consumers rather than TV or other traditional media(s).

forrester consumer trust study

Wish all of viewers a very happy buying experience for their next purchase.


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Being unaware is no longer a choice for any online organization?

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