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Being unaware is no longer a choice for any online organization?

Are you doing business online or are your customers online?
Most of the companies jumped to online bandwagon to be able to reach to their customers and investors 24*7. Being accessible 24*7 also means that your customers are making choices about you, without you being aware of it based on your online reputation. Are you putting your best foot forward when they visit you online or are they getting cold feet just by your mention? Now people are not restricting themselves, just to what is written about your organization on your website. They are also searching for what is written by other consumers about your organization on social media sites like blogs and forums.

The problem is compounded as lot of decision makers in organizations are not even aware of what is happening to their brand in online world or are not sure what to do about it. Most of them are not even aware of the fact that waiting period can be suicidal for their brand. It is unlike pre web 2.0 days when a disgruntled consumer after complaining about organizations’ products / services would give up. Now consumers have choices and they are using it to voice their concerns.

Organizations thinking that “thou shall also pass” may get into huge shock. Web dynamics are completely different compared to other media(s) like television, print etc. As the blog / forum post containing negative reviews gets older and viewed / commented by more people it becomes more popular and more difficult to handle it. So don’t let your brand to get a beating from an over jealous customer or competitor. And take proactive steps to promote your brand’s online reputation.

Find a step by step process to protect and promote your brand reputation.

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