Mumbai se Delhi tak

One of my colleague at office is a regular at car rallies, he also participated in recent Himalayan Car Rally. I used to listen to his adventurous stories with bated breathes wondering whether I would ever get a chance to do such a feat. Hopefully I don’t have to wait endlessly.

My friend Amit Sharma is leaving Mumbai and coming back to Delhi. He has a car which also needs to be bought back. Now instead of sending the car back by train he sold Bhaskar and me an opportunity of long drive “Mumbai se Delhi Tak with Udaipur free”.

Poor Gullible chaps, we totally got sold on his story and will be spending INR 3000 just to be able to reach Mumbai so that we can come back again to Delhi.

Find below the route we would be following while coming back.

Amen! at least one of my dreams is coming true.

Mumbai-Delhi Route


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Deloitte celebration at BrickRed

All the BrickRedians were very excited about receiving the Deloitte award. So it was decided to celebrate the event. As the event was proposed by Marketing Department – I had to take care of the logistics of the event. I felt very excited in getting into nitty-gritty of the event. But when it was announced that I would also be required to take care of welcome address, it felt like all hell has fallen upon me.

By god’s grace everything went well and hopefully I am still alive after the event to post the event’s pictures.


BrickRedians assembled at cafeteria for the Celebration.

Executive Vice President, Mr Rohit Makin sharing his experience of Deloitte Award ceremony held in Mumbai on 22nd Nov.

Vinay Bansal, Vice President, Smart Card Solutions setting the celebration mood by opening the champagne.

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getClicky installed on my blog

Today I implemented getClicky on my Blog. I have made, stats of my blog publicly available. So anybody interested to view the stats of my site or interested to know getClicky features can view them by just clicking on getClicky image on the right menu of my blog.

Cheers 🙂

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Yahoo- Pls Understand marketer’s problem, Why not Copy google?

I was really frustrated with the slow speed and uninteresting interface of yahoo search marketing website and thought of taking the advice from horse’s mouth. I asked yahoo search engine marketing rep, “whether there is any option which allows marketers to target all the geographies using a single account”. After all it is frustrating to create more than 5 accounts when a single account can be sufficient.
Pat came the reply – there isn’t it.

On being told that Google offers such option? Pat came the reply – We are yahoo and not google and this is the way it is. I was initially surprised by their policies, while all the companies are making things easier for their clients – they want to ensure that their clients have a difficult time with managing yahoo account. Some reasons which are coming to my mind – why yahoo is like this, need help from all of you if anybody has a better answer to it. Perhaps they are not listening to their client’s frustrations?
Perhaps they are used to do hard work rather than smart work?
Perhaps that is part of their psychology since they started business.
Could you get the similarity – allow me to explain. While google used program (popularly called spider) to rank the searches – yahoo based the searches by manually checking the sites.

The problem with yahoo is that they were quite never able to get over their hard work mania. Ok if you want to be like this. But at least let your customers some smart tools so that they are not wasting their time. While google allows you to instantly post the ads – yahoo was earlier taking upto 3 days to post the ads. While they have corrected this anomaly in their current version, they still don’t allow you to target all geographies with the single account.

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Webanalytics tool which rocks!

Just came across a wonderful web analytics tool which is very useful for small web sites and believe me it rocks. I still remember dozing off to sleep while analyzing stuff with Google analytics and Clicktracks. Getclicky on the other hand is very easy to use and has a very clean and refreshing interface. Not convinced.
Ok, Read the below interesting features, and I am sure you would like to try it once.– API (Application Program Interface)
– Tag Clouds
– Track Outbound links
– Works with visitors who have disabled JavaScript
– Real time Stats

So what are you waiting for, try

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